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BHM 2018 Chairman’s Forward

When we decided that 2018 would be the year of celebrations for 70 years of the Windrush Generation, the BHM Committee did not foresee the political debacle that would unfold as the year progressed. Who could have imagined that British citizens would be pursued by the immigration services and dispossessed of their rights? We can only speculate as to how long so many unfortunate Caribbean immigrants of the Windrush Generation would have had to endure injustice if the bi-annual Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting had not been held in London. Theresa May was confronted by 70 other Prime Ministers. She was forced to face the wrongdoings of successive governments in regards to so many unfortunate British citizens of Caribbean origin.


I am a Jamaican of the same cohort that has been so cruelly victimised. Fortunately for me, in the early 1970’s I became aware of the government’s announcement that Caribbean people living in England needed to become nationalised because Britain was joining the Common Market. Nonetheless, all of us from the Caribbean who were resident before 1973 were given full British citizenship.


2018 marks the Centenary of Women’s Suffrage and the end of WW1 (two events of global significance where Black History has all too often been ignored). It is with great pride as a Norfolk resident that I am able to pay tribute to the memory of Princess Duleep Singh, the Black Heroine of the Suffragette movement, and to two Black Officers of WW1, both sons of Thetford and both grandsons of African slaves. One of them, Major Allan Noel Minns MC, DSO served with outstanding gallantry. As well as receiving the Military Cross and the Distinguished Service Order, he was twice mentioned in Despatches. All this at a time when the military rulebook barred black or coloured people from becoming officers in the British Army!


There is much to celebrate as well as reflect upon in this year of Black History. Please participate and enjoy!

~ Danny Keen

Chair of the BHM Committee